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Reader Comments

“Easy reading”


“Very well written”


“Good down-to-earth prose

giving the reader the sense of being in the same room with Roger”


“I read it in one evening.  Enjoyed it immensely.”


“To read a wonderful and loving tribute of one of the many who made The Greatest Generation,

check out this terrific biographical/autobiographical account of Roger Dion compiled by his daughter”


“Very interesting anecdotal and personal touches”


“I read it in one evening”


 “I’m sorry that I never sat down with our father and do what you’ve done”


“Whipped through it in two sessions.  Indeed, it was pleasant reading.”


“Honest and candid”


“A true love story of a long-distance relationship and romance taking place

 during a tumultuous time in our history”


“Nice blend of photographs with the text”


“Wonderful book.  I read it in 2 days”


“It is fun reading about all the places he has been and all the friends he made”


“A perfect example of members of The Greatest Generation”


“Very nice tie-together with the epilogue”


“Got your book a few days ago and I have already finished reading it. 

Enjoyed it a lot.”

One reader offered the following summary:

“The organization of 1,364 Days: A World War II Veteran’s Story by BT Dion allows the reader to easily follow the events of World War II veteran, Francis “Roger” Dion’s life.  The book is divided into forty-six chapters each describing key periods Roger’s life.  The account begins with an overview of Roger’s early life while living in Massachusetts. Many personal experiences are described throughout the book. 


The book progresses with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor which impacted Roger’s decision to enlist in the Army Air Corp as an aircraft mechanic. He received his basic training in Jefferson Barracks, Missouri; aircraft mechanic training at the Boeing School of Aeronautics in Oakland, California; and P-38 specialized training at the Lockheed Aircraft Plant in Burbank, California.  He was assigned to Prestwick, Scotland to work on the P-38’s.  It was during this time that Roger began to understand the difference in “English” between our two countries.  Subsequently, he was given the task to work on C-87’s, B-24’s and B-17’s. 


Roger’s personal experiences are wonderfully described while serving in England during WWII.  The accounts are warm and light-hearted which provide for easy reading during a tumultuous period in our history.  While it is impossible to thoroughly explore all events that took place during the war, the book spotlights the key events of this soldier’s life. 


The author provides good material and content which makes reading each chapter enjoyable.   Overall, this is a detailed story of one soldier’s contribution to the war effort. This depiction was done in readable and entertaining style.  There are many chapters filled with pictures and quotes from people of that era. These firsthand accounts provide deeper insights versus just a listing of factual information of World War II.”

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