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"One day, we were watching a British pilot come in with his little Spitfire, and was it ever smokin’ ! As soon as it hit the runway, it started flaming. Boy, that plane hadn’t even stopped rolling and out jumped the pilot from the cockpit, onto the wing, and down to the ground. He literally hit the dirt running, doing his darnedest to get away from his burning plane. Every time he took a running stride, the parachute pack he was wearing would slap him in the rear end. What a sight!"

Excert from Chapter 19
1,364 DAYS


1,364 Days, a World War II Veteran’s Story is a highly-entertaining war story that stands out from the rest as it follows the military experiences of Roger Dion, a U.S. Army Air Transport Command aircraft mechanic/flight engineer stationed at St. Mawgan Air Base near the seacoast town of Newquay in southern England.  Roger’s lighthearted wit, enthusiasm, and down-to-earth approach to life transform ordinary, everyday occurrences into exciting and amusing events.  His anecdotes, taken from recorded interviews and wartime correspondence, along with his fun-loving personality and affection for a special girl back home, will absorb you from cover to cover. 



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